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July 22 Day 21, Destruction Bay, YT to Tok, AK

I learned all about repairing pot holes and frost heaves in roads today. Stone chips are laid down to fill the holes and dips. A roller packs the chips down, then a layer of oil is added. Finally a cover of more stone chips are added which stays in place for several days until that layer is brushed off. How did we learn all this?  Flag men/women stop all the traffic in one direction and have lots of time to talk if you are first to get stopped. Then a pilot car arrives and guides the convoy the 5-10 miles that are being worked. The worst stretch of all was the last 5 miles in Canada that were not being repaired at all. Entering Alaska there was a beautiful brand new asphalt paved road. It was glorious until after 10 miles the US road was just as bad as the Canadian. We went 236 miles mostly at 40-50 mph. The hundreds of signs warning of each section being repaired warn of "gravel patches" or "loose gravel" rather than "stone chip patches".  When the work is all finished, it starts over again next spring. It's job security for the road crews. Tonight we are at the Sourdough Campground in Tok. There is a flap jack throwing contest at 7:00PM with free breakfast as the prize. There is also some kind of entertainment later as well. Someone told me that Tok was originally Tokyo but was abreviated during WWII.

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