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July 23 Day 22, Tok to Glacier View

Last night the entertainment at the Sourdough RV Park was Danny Lee and Sue Jean from Texas. They sing "tribute" Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash songs for hours working for a free campsite and food.  They were really quite good. We could hear them clearly from our campsite. There was also a sourdough pancake toss into a bucket for a free breakfast.  I thought it was good marketing as they only made it easy for the kids to win. The kids would then take their parents who would pay $11.95 each for breakfast. However, after the contest they said winners could pick a grab box instead of the free breakfast. All the winners took that option and got trinkets such as t-shirts and then probably didn't bother with breakfast at all.  Today the road to Anchorage was good except for two areas of road repair.

Grand View Cafe Pizza

Tonight we are at the Grand View Café - RV Park. We had a magnificent pizza for dinner. It was half Italian (for me) and half Groovy Guy (for Mavis). Tomorrow we hope to take the jet boat tour up the Matanuska River to the Matanuska glacier.  We took a short hike from our campsite to get the photo of the river and glacier.

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