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July 26 Day 25, Seward to Whittier, AK

Night at 11:00PM in Seward looks like the photo taken from the View. In Fairbanks it will apparently be much lighter at night according to Al & Nancy from a View/Navion like ours who came to visit last evening.     

Today we drove to the Williwaw Campsite in the Chugach National Forest along the Whittier highway. We arrived at noon and there were lots of empty sites. After lunch we hiked the "Trail of Blue Ice" 3 miles past 3 glaciers to the National Forest Service's Begich,Boggs visitor center. The exhibits and film shown on a huge screen were first class. At the end of the film the screen opens up and you view the glaciers through a large window wall.   After walking back to the campsite I decided we should visit Whittier. This town was built during WWII as a port to bring military supplies into Alaska. This required a 2.5 mile railway tunnel through a mountain to get to the town. 

Someone figured out you could share the track with a road, so in 1976 a road was built. The tunnel is one way and switches direction once an hour. It is the longest highway tunnel in North America and costs $12 for a round trip. It was the most exciting thing we did today. Whittier itself is just a large boat yard with little to write home about.

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