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July 31 Day 30, Fairbanks, AK

Mavis toured the Georgeson Botanical Gardens and saw Harry Potter at the movie theater. I stayed aboard in the various parking lots and worked most of the day doing the company books and writing a proposal for a new project. Mavis took lots of great flower shots a couple of which are posted here. When we got back to the Rivers Edge RV Camp I spotted a pair of very serious touring machines. The two couples are from Australia and have toured that continent, Asia, Europe, and North America. They go home to Brisbane for a couple of months a year. Their units are on a Mitsubishi chassis with an Australian built body. They carry 60 gallons of fuel and are powered by a 4 cylinder diesel engine. Their next stop is Prodhoe Bay. The second photo shows a truck camper that just returned from Prudhoe Bay today on the "haul road". It took 14 hours in the rain and mud but daylight the whole way up and back. It's waiting for the pressure wash.

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