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Aug 9 Day 39 Tuesday Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek, BC.

Art Gallery Building in Dawson Creek

Tonight we have completed the 1,528 mile Alaska Highway and are staying a mile from mile "O".  Actually given our route we missed the 84 miles from Whitehorse to Haines Junction. The action today was all about oil and natural gas. The road was clogged with trucks carrying all manner of cargo including buildings. The RV parks are jammed with workers from the oil and gas compression fields. At a gas stop I talked to a man who commutes from Newfoundland to drive one of the trucks in the photo. His truck driver friend is also from Newfoundland. He works 3 weeks then gets 2 weeks off.  He parked his truck at 3:00AM beside the highway and stayed till noon at the Wonawon Lodge when I met him. He said the rooms are great and the food good. His company pays for his airfare since truck drivers are so hard to find here. The trucks carry a special sand that is used in fracking oil fields.  I forgot to ask where he picks the sand up but I know someone at our marina who I bet will know.

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