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Aug 12 Day 42 Friday Yoho NP to Columbia Falls, MT


Today we crossed into the USA at Roosville. It was an easy crossing with only a motorcycle ahead of us. The agent didn't even ask about what we had in the fridge. The contrast in scenery on either side of the border is remarkable. Canada is all green with irrigated fields growing vegetables. The USA is all brown with open ranges. I forgot to mention yesterday that for the first time traffic is very heavy on the Icefield Highway and all the facilities are jammed. For the first time since leaving Nashville I should have made a reservation to stay at the Lake Louise Campground.

At the Wasa rest stop we found Canadian innovation hard at work. Instead of the usual pit toilets, there was an enclosure that looked like a construction dumpster. There were openings at both ends one marked for women. The sides did not go to the ground and there were vertical cracks between each board and there is no roof. Not very private is your first reaction and how do you keep the rain off. However, go through the opening and you find plastic mostly enclosed pit toilets and a trash container on each side. Heading south today traffic was light but the campground in Columbia Falls is 100% occupied tonight. We arrived at 3:30 and got one of their tent sites with a weak15 amp power outlet. I learned there is no Columbia Falls. I guess the name just sounds enticing. Tomorrow we will visit Glacier National Park and take the shuttle buses. It seems our little View is too big to do the "Going-to-the-Sun Road". There are rock overhangs that could damage the roof. They measure each motorhome in the park. Then we will head 150 miles east to Shelby, MT.

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