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Aug 15 Day 45 Monday Glasgow to Minot, ND


Last evening there were some big thunderstorms over Northern Montana and Southern Saskatchewan. From our campsite 55 miles south of the boarder the clouds were spectacular.

Since we lost an hour today we were up early and out at 7:00AM to see the Fort Peck Lake and Dam. 

The dam on the Missouri River is 21,026 feet long and over 250 feet high. It is the largest hydraulically filled dam in the US and the fifth largest man-made lake in the U.S., The lake is more than 130 miles long, 200 feet deep, and it has a 1,520-mile shoreline which is longer than the state of California's coastline. The shore line at the dam looks a lot like the California Pacific coast; strange in the middle of the prairies.   Crossing into North Dakota the place is booming with oil activity. 

Traffic is heavy and we passed a number of "lodges". These are mobile villages rented out to the oil workers. The Stanley Lodge at Stanley, ND boasts comfortable rooms with housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, and Internet. We also noted that North Dakota is not very tourist friendly. In over 100 miles of 70 mph highway there was not a single rest stop let alone somewhere to pull over and stop. At Minot we learned the KOA was closed until 2012 due to the flood. Other RV parks said they were full, but we did get a site at one that was not even in the directory. They said due to the flood they now only rent by the month, but as someone left this morning, I was able to get that site.

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