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Aug 24 Day 55, Wednesday, Carlock, IL to Rend Lake, IL

Tonight we are at the Wayne Fitzgerrell SP on Rend Lake. The park was highly recommended by our friends Doc & Eileen. Doc said to get site 36, 37 or 49. However, with the park practically empty we got site 45 on the lake (see photo) and with DirecTV access. This is the first really hot day in the high 90s on the entire trip so the AC will have to run all night.

We started our trip out on the Lincoln Highway and today on our last full day on the road we headed south on the Lincoln Heritage Trail, US 51. We stopped for lunch in the second capital of Illinois, Vandalia. (The first capital was at Kaskaskia until 1820 ). Lincoln first appeared as a representative in the Illinois State Legislature in 1834.. This new building was the statehouse from 1836 to 1839 when the capital moved to Lincoln's home town, Springfield. We don't know if the furnishings were the original. Vandalia has more than one historic road. It is the HQ for the Historic National Road, US 40 which was built by the Federal Government starting in 1806 to enable development of the west. The road was corduroy and designed for Conestoga Wagons. I-70 pretty much follows the route from Baltimore to St Louis. The road ran through the capital cities at the time of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

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