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Lying with Statistics

Our Winnebago View got lots of use this year with trips to Florida, Alaska, Baltimore, and Toronto. We drove 16,224 miles and spent 133 nights aboard. All this was at the expense of the Katy Leigh which only saw us onboard for 99 nights and cruising for only 34 hours. We were home in Nashville for just 133 nights and found our neighbors hardly know us any more. In 2012 we plan to spend more time on the Katy Leigh and less on the road. A quick and useless analysis of the cost per day spent in each of our residences shows the View is by far the least costly at $46 per day, v.s. the boat at $124 and the house at $122. Costs are for operating costs including utilities, repairs, property taxes, and storage. Our home is a better deal on a per square foot basis. If you divide the annual operating cost by the number of square feet of living space our home comes out at $7, the boat $41 and the View $60.

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