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Jan 30, Day 2, Monday Chattanooga to Tifton, GA

Gail's Fabulous Breakfast It's hard to believe I could get so screwed up over the time of day. Breakfast was set for 7:00AM, I set the alarm on the iPhone, checked all the clocks and watches but didn't wake up until 7:45 EST. It seems that the iPhone unlike regular cellphones didn't change with the time zones. After breakfast we headed down I-75 through Atlanta and on to Tifton. I-75 is in great shape with 3 lanes and nice smooth concrete. It was so good instead of heading east through Waycross we just kept going stopping overnight at Tifton. I selected an RV park, based on the description in the app that no extended stays were offered. This park set new definition of an extended stay, like several years.

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