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Apr 4, 2012 Wednesday Setting a new clock radio

I always enjoy the electronics aisle at Costco. Monday an iHome App-enhanced dual alarm stereo for $60 caught my eye and I brought one home. It lets you charge your iPhone at night and wakes you up in the morning. Setting it seemed a little complicated, but without reading the manual I thought I had figured it out. However, after two mornings with no radio alarm I got out the manual. Compare this new device to an old alarm clock where you set the alarm time and pulled out a button to "arm" it. The iHome sets the alarm by executing the following 18 steps. This is my summary of the manual.

  1. Press and hold Alarm Button until alarm time flashes
  2. Press + or to set alarm time
  3. Set AM or PM
  4. Press and release Alarm Button to confirm
  5. Press + or to set alarm schedule (weekdays only, etc)
  6. Press and release Alarm Button to confirm
  7. Press + or to set alarm source = Radio
  8. Press and release Alarm Button to confirm
  9. Press + or to set radio as AM or FM band
  10. Press and release Alarm Button to confirm
  11. Press and release Preset Button
  12. Press and release Alarm Button to confirm
  13. Press + or to set volume (use 10)
  14. Press and release Alarm Button to exit setting mode
  15. Two beeps will sound
  16. Alarm icon will be lit
  17. Disarm alarm by pressing Alarm Button once, rearm by pressing it again.
  18. When alarm sounds press Power Button to turn it off and reset for the next day.

However, this is not all, there is a set of  iPhone Apps the website says "Welcome to a new level of hardware and software integration. From music to sleep to connectivity, we are committed to making your home the most interactive experience available. This is only the beginning."  For me I hope it is the end.  One of the apps called iHome Set provides a touch screen interface on the iPhone. 

You dock the iPhone and instantly you have just 5 steps to set the alarm. But that is not all you can control the equalizer, turn on 3D sound, listen to your iTunes music, put yourself to sleep with music, take a nap and more. One really great feature;you can sync the clock time to your iPhone's time so you never need to change settings for daylight saving. I think I will keep the iHome clock radio


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