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Oct 25-28 Returning to Kenlake Marina
Yesterday I toured a 40 ft Fathom, Trawler belonging to Joel and Debby from Minneapolis. Joel flew 747’s for Northwest Airlines and outfitted the console of the Falcon like the console he liked so much on his 747. Joel is playing the guitar in the photo. You can hear Joel in the video I put on YouTube at the end of the trip. Be sure to set YouTube's quality contol to HD. Internet service was so slow at Joe Wheeler I gave up trying to post it. The Fathom is now my choice for a new boat someday. Every boater was eager to get an early start and we were up at 6:45AM for departure at 7:00AM. There were 10 boats in our group with the Katy Leigh being the slowest. Some boaters take a long time to learn that the lockmasters always wait for the slowest boat. In spite of this several went into the Wheeler Lock kicking up big wakes. When we got there with 2 other slow boats we were bounced around unmercifully. At the Wilson Lock it was much calmer and we got in and out without incident. Even though I have been in Wilson Lock 2 times before, I never noticed that the upper end does not use swinging gates but rather a big gate that goes up after all the boats have entered. When the lock reaches the bottom the water has dropped 90 ft. It is quite a sight. We got to Grand Harbor at 3:00PM, a record for us as there was no waiting for the two locks. The next stop was Clifton Marina. Marina Manager, Sonja showed us how to make fried corn bread. It disappeared fast it was so good.  It was a long raining day to Pebble Isle Marina. During the day I was able to show how useful the new Garmin Automatic Identification System can be on a sharp bend.  Check the 3 photos. The black line from the Katy Leigh shows where I will be in 4 minutes.  The green triangle shows the position of the Jack Walker a tow.  We spend our last night aboard at Pebble Isle. The next morning we found ourselves in high winds from hurricane Sandy.  The waves north of Paris Landing were 2-4 feet high with spray coming over the bow as we headed into them. We arrived at Kenlake at about 2:00PM, packed up, and drove home to Nashville.
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