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Mississippi River Water Level

A good friend of mine, Joe,  sent this Mississippi River photo taken December 14th at Commerce, MO.  Commerce is 39 river miles above the Ohio River junction.

View South East from Commerce, MO

View South East from Commerce, MO An aerial view of the location looks like this. Commerce, MO by Google Earth

Commerce, MO by Google Earth

Joe took the photo standing at the second M in Commerce facing southeast.   The tows are tied up on the Illinois side of the river as the Corps has made the river one-way from Cairo to St. Louis.   The strange lumps in the river are either be wing dams covered in silt or recent dredgings.  Joe grew up in this town population <100.  There are no levees on the shore in front of the town as the residents prefer the view of the river and put up with the frequent floods.  The bushy land in the forground is underwater in the Google photo.

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