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Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 2


Outside the Tupelo Automobile Museum

Inside the Tupelo Automobile Museum

1939 Graham (named after our son)

Liberacei's Customized Corvette

Elvis' 1968 Lincoln Mark IV

Can you name the cars that had these hood ornaments?
Answers below.

We slept in late, answered emails, and after breakfast headed for the Tupelo Automobile Museum. Unlike most auto museums housed in old factories or abandoned Walmarts, this one was in a specially built 120,000 sq.ft. building put up by the car collector, Frank K. Spain. Frank was an electrical engineer in the early days of television. He founded the Tupelo TV station in the 50’s and built the equipment and tower himself. He went on from there to own other TV stations and amassed a fortune. His passion was car collecting. We left the museum around 1:00PM headed for Meridian. However, it was not to be as there was no room in the campground it being totally occupied by crews building a nuclear power plant nearby. We went another 60 miles to the Shady Grove Campground at Laurel. My guess was that any campground with that name would be right beside the interstate. Unfortunately, I was right. The good news was we werre put beside another View from North Carolina and we had a nice time comparing notes. The owner had bought it for use in going from NC to Texas to visit the grand kids. He also owned a big 5th wheel trailer. They have booked 2 weeks in the Blue Mountains this summer. He thinks he will sell the 5th wheel after that and tour the country in the View. The answers to the hood ornament quiz are L-R 1929 Duesenberg, 1917 Pierce Arrow, 1926 Hispano Suisa. You should have guessed the Pierce Arrow for sure, and maybe the Duesenberg, but you are forgiven if you didn’t guess the Hispano Suisa. The latter, aSpanish company, was in business from 1904 to 1968.

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