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Mississippi Loop 2013 Day 7-9 to New Orleans

Sunday was the last day at the boat show. It was much slower than Saturday, but we had a group of about 15 for my Great Loop talk. We left at 3:30 for an easy 70 mile drive to New Orleans. We had reservations at the French Quarter RV Park. The park is just north of the French Quarter and is surrounded by a 7 foot concrete wall with sharp barbs on top (see photo). Taxis are recommended at night but we walked everywhere in daylight. We walked to Royal St and had an early dinner at Pere Antoine’s. They put us in the window so as to attract other guests. For entertainment, we had a great view of a man on a balcony across the road. He must have spent an hour hosing off the balcony as his two dogs used it as if it were a park.  The water dripped down on the sidewalk through cracks and overflowed onto the road. Nice. Dinner was very good. I don’t think there is a bad restaurant in New Orleans as the competition is fierce.


This morning, Monday, we walked to Café Du Monde and had their famous coffee and benes for breakfast. It was mobbed and we shared a table with a couple from Houston.  It’s a tradition in our family and we go there every trip to NO. Then we walked over to the new WWII Museum. Mavis wasn’t interested so she continued West on Magazine St to the antique store area. In total Mavis walked 7 miles today. I did 3.5 not counting the museum walking around. This museum is new and well worth seeing. They are still completing additional buildings which are due to open in 2014. I watched the 4D cinematic experience titled Beyond All Boundaries. The 4th D is the vibrating seats that turn on during bombing raids. The 3D is to show objects that rise up from the floor during the movie, and the 2D is the large screen movie. After that I went to the Boeing Center where they have the B-17, My Gal Sal that crash landed due to weather on the ice in Greenland and remained frozen in the ice until 1995. It was dug out of the ice and restored in 2012 for the museum. There are 6 large touch screen interactive displays in one area. Each has a huge database of information on various battles and the equipment used. For example you can compare the statistics of the Japanese fighters to the German fighters. To me the most interesting fact was to discover that dozens of ships were sunk by German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico.  People could see the ships burning from the shore line.  We had lunch in the American Sector restaurant. My shrimp salad sandwich was very good.  We were back at the RV Park at 4:00 happy to get off our feet. Tomorrow we will drive to Jackson MS and then get on the Natchez Trace headed for Nashville.


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