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America's 1950 Great Loop A Pre-Internet Blog


1950 Kodachrome Trip Photos by William F. Duthie

In 1950 my family took a 2 month loop from Toronto to Los Angeles to Vancouver BC and back to Toronto via Banff and Minneapolis. On our return my father, who loved to write, hand wrote a blog of our trip. I found it in his papers several years ago and typed it up for him. We drove over 10,000 miles in a 1950 Studebaker sedan. Besides me, Bob, the other characters in the story are my mother, Marion, and sister, Louise. I often refer to this document when planning routes for our next adventure. Click here to download a PDF copy and enjoy. It has lots of humor and observations of government organizations of the time.


The blue ox photo is at Trees of Mystery in Klamath CA. It’s still going strong after 63 years and has added Paul Bunyan. I don’t see the claim made on the sign on their website. In 1950 it said “Unbelievable but true. “World’s Largest Group of Nature’s Living Wonders.” Wow!

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