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Utah Loop 2013 Day 6 San Luis Lakes SP to Durango, CO

The drive to Durango was an easy 174 miles over mostly good roads with one mountain range to cross.  We drove beside the Rio Grande River for a time and crossed over at South Fork. This river starts in the mountains north west from South Fork and flows south though New Mexico, passing Albuquerque, crossing a corner of Texas and then forms the border between Texas and Mexico.  We had our first snowflakes as we climbed over Wolf Creek Pass at 10,600 ft. The temperature at that altitude was 33 degrees.  Durango is a prosperous town with lots of fancy shops and restaurants on its long main street. The big attraction is the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad. The station was beside the restaurant where we had lunch and after studying the brochure for the tours we went over and bought the first class trip up to Silverton and the bus ride back.  We will be in an observation car on the back of the train. We will stay in Durango one more night, then on to Mesa Verde National Park on Saturday

Correction:  The Grand Sand Dunes highest point is 950 ft above the desert floor, not 3,000 ft as stated 2 days ago in my eyeball estimate.



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