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Utah Loop 2013 Day 9 Mesa Verde NP to Monument Valley, UT

I had a pancake breakfast at the campground restaurant. There is a gas station at Morehead but the price for diesel was $4.42.  I bet we could do better in Cortez just 14 miles away and filled up for $3.79. The next stop was the actual Four Corners where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. The only photos I had previously seen showed a concrete pad with an X marking the spot. I am sure there were numerous shacks selling Indian jewelry in that location as well. Today it’s different; almost all but a couple of shacks are gone and replaced by a four sided structure with 14 stalls per side.  A bronze plaque marks the spot and the main event is to stand on the dot and be in four states at once.  I had hoped to get a panoramic view of all four states from the spot but the new stalls completely block the view.  I went outside the rows of stalls and got pictures of each state. Colorado had the most junk in the picture, Arizona had two porta- potties, with Utah and New Mexico having the best views of the natural landscape. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a small part of the 29,817 square mile Navajo Nation. There are ancient mesas, buttes, and spires scattered about the desert. There is a magnificent visitor center attached to a hotel with great views over the valley. We had a good dinner in the hotel restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. We are staying at Goulding’s Campground. Harry Goulding bought a large plot of land from the Navajo’s in the 1920’s. During the depression they convinced a movie producer to film westerns here. John Wayne starred in Stagecoach in 1939. They still show this film here every night.

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