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Oct 3 Day 5 Touring the Frank Lloyd Wright Designed House

We took a day off boating to get some work done and do some sightseeing. Tomorrow we head for Decatur.

Frank Lloyd Wright House

We borrowed the marina courtesy car and drove up the river bank to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home here in Florence. We had an excellent tour guide, a retired teacher. He and his wife have been involved with this house since it was bought and restored by the city in 1999. The city paid $75,000 for the house and then had to spend $700,000 restoring it. It seems that Frank designed the outer and inner walls of cypress but put a layer of pine in between. Bad idea, termites got in and pretty much destroyed the home. Next to Falling Waters in Pennsylvania this would be most enjoyable FLW home we have visited. The home was built in 1940 by newlyweds Stanley and Mildred  Rosenbaum and added to in 1948.  All the furniture, books, and many other items were left by the Rosenbaums.  The front of the home is the back and the back is the front so it got the river view. Today trees completely obscure any view of the river. The long post free overhang is a car port.  All the many windows on the back have bronze screens on the insides of the windows that open out, and many of the windows are also doors. The bronize screens glow like gold in the afternoon sun.

Ricatoni’s Italian Grill

Dinner was at Ricatoni’s which is probably the best known restaurant in Florence. The atmosphere is warm and it’s easy to carry on a conversation. It’s not for the millennials (under 34) that text each other and don’t need to hear. The wine was good and two of us had the spaghetti and meat balls. Their bread is fantastic and comes warm in white paper bags.  I was advised by Eva at the marina office to just eat the bread while you are there and bring the rest of the meal at home. We didn’t go that far.

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