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Oct 9 Day 11 Chattanooga's Tennessee Aquarium

Aquarium Day

Today was Tennessee Aquarium Day. There are two buildings to tour. One is for salt water and the other for fresh water. We started with the salt water. We rode up a long escalator to the top of the building and into a sunlit room with a pair parrots and a small pool where you can pet sting rays. You then walk through double doors to the butterfly garden. We were warned not to pick up any butterfilies on our clothes as there are many non-native species and if they get out the Aquarium can get into trouble.  Right away Roger attracted one of the largest and most beautiful, a Blue Morpho. When its wings are open you see the blue iridescent color. When its wings are closed its coloring matches the trees around it.  The Blue Morpho finally flew away from Roger’s hat and we could move through the double doors with two guards to another exhibit about penguins. After that we watched the jelly fish float up and down. The lighting is remarkable in that area. After lunch we toured the fresh water building which is undergoing renovations so the entire top floor with the Otters is closed.  It will reopen in 2014 and it will be worth going back just to see what they do. They have also turned off the neon light display on the ceiling of the large fish tanks which always impressed me.

IMAX Steam Trains in British Columbia

In the IMAX theater we saw the Rocky Mountain Express, a relatively new film that tells the story of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad across the mountain ranges in Alberta and British Columbia. It is spectacular and well worth seeing.  The CPR restored a 1930s steam engine to make the movie. There were lots of helicopter shots of the train and the mountains. Mavis and Vebbie were sea sick at the end.

Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar

Chattanooga friends Bob and Gail joined us on the Katy Leigh and we all went to dinner at the Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar. I had the Cajun shrimp that were very good. Mavis had clams that were very spicy hot. Bob and Gail just got back from an RV trip to Alaska and are leaving tomorrow for Michigan. It was great that our timing just fit their schedule.

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