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Oct 10-11 Day 12-13 Chattanooga Museums

The Hunter Museum

The Hunter Museum of American Art is a short walk up the hill behind the docks to the Bluff District. We started with breakfast at Rembrandt’s on the patio. A man, who was alone, must have spent 15 minutes on his cell phone talking about his motorcycle accident. Whoever he was talking to never got a word in. We walk around the sculpture garden first and were impressed with a horse sculpture made of drift wood. Closure inspection revealed each piece of “wood” was cast in bronze. The artist lives in Montana and specializes in horse sculptures. The museum is centered around a mansion that belonged to one of the Coca Cola people. The mansion has many rooms each with American paintings.  The most interesting showed the Tennessee River. There are two very modern wings on each side of the mansion. One has modern art and the other had a special show of work by Whitfield Lovell. This artist hunted down old photos of African Americans and painted large reproductions of one or more people in the photos on wooden planks, discs, and even large wire reels. In another area was the amazing glass sculpture of a woman’s silk dress. This is not a solid blog of glass but very thin glass like silk. We had an ok lunch at Tony’s in the district and then Roger and I returned to the boats.

Houston Museum

 Mavis and Vebbie went to the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts which is across the road from the Hunter. Anna Houston was a hoarder of glass and ceramics. Dying penniless she left 15,000 pitchers to the city. In one room the entire ceiling was full of hanging water and lemonade pitchers.

Cruise to Goose Pond

We said goodbye to Roger and Vebbie as they were staying in Chattaooga for the weekend. We were up Friday morning leaving the dock at 6:30AM for a long 83 miles cruise to Goose Pond. We had one lock we got through in 15 minutes. It was so nice cruising downstream averaging 9.4 mph vs. the 7-8 mph going upstream. We did the 83 miles in 9.5 hours. Dinner tonight was a take-out shrimp and grits dish from the Dock Restaurant that we split between us.

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