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Oct 13 Day 15 Joe Wheeler State Park Marina

The weather was perfect and we had an uneventful trip from Ditto Landing to Joe Wheeler. We arrived to find another boat in our assigned slip so we took the one beside it. Eventually the culprits were found and they left in their own boat. It would have been towed otherwise as a 45 ft. came in soon after.  I tried to hook up the cable TV with no luck and then the same result with the satellite dish. For some reason the receiver would not talk to the TV set.  I gave up and will continue life without tv as the only thing we watch is the news and right now it’s not even worth watching with the same news every day. How many ways can you say no deal has been reached? Internet service via Verizon is abysmal with one bar and many boaters trying to use their MiFi devices.

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