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Boardman-Wallace Pacific Coast Tour Sept 2-3

Wallace, Idaho

Yesterday was a three state day travelling in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  We stayed overnight in Wallace, Idaho. This  is one of the best kept secrets in the USA. It is a thriving tourist town and the last American town entirely listed on the National Historic Register. It is also a mining town. Our campsite was right beside the town and the elevated highway. However the rushing stream beside us drowned out any noise from the highway.  

Walking Tour

Walking into town was like going back in time. There was large antique store where I was able to acquire an historic Hamilton Beach ice cream scoop for just $6. It is solid metal. A big surprise was to find a Laundromat with at least 10 machines. We got up early and parked right in front. Mavis filled 4 machines. Then I walked over to a saloon that served breakfast. It's the building with the awnings out front.  I was invited to join the Chamber of Commerce that was meeting there but declined due to the time it would take. Breakfast was great with sausage links that are rarely seen in the south and I was able to use the saloon Internet to read USA today on my iPad.


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