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Florida-Texas Coast Tour 2015 Feb 20-21

We covered about 600 miles in two days on a lot of rough I-10 pavement. Louisiana has the worst roads and Texas' roads are better. The high spots were the Louisiana and the Texas Welcome Centers.

Louisiana Welcome Center

Louisiana had a 10 year old multimedia exhibit that was interesting and a really great video showing life in the Atchafalaya Swamp




Texas Welcome Center

Texas was less impressive inside but more exciting outside with a long boardwalk overlooking two alligators and a tall egret in the Blue Elbow Swamp. This swamp is beside the Sabine River which marks the border between the two states.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

They also had a bronze sculptured alligator snapping turtle. This is the largest fresh water turtle in the world. It lives over 70 years, and in the USA its range extends to Kentucky Lake!  Kenlake Marina friends, please watch out for one of these. Tomorrow we head for Corpus Christi.

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