Sunday, 31 January 2010
Planning the Trip to California
 This weekend Nashville got the biggest snow fall in 7 years. There is about 4" on the lawn at the front of the house. It's a good day for planning. We pick up the View next Saturday and bring it to Nashville. Pack it up and head south on Feb 9th for Grayton Beach SP, FL for a week or so with other folks that have the same type of motor home. Then we head west with a two day stop in Shreveport, LA to visit friends. By Feb 28th we'll be in San Diego, CA to visit friends. On March 2nd we join Bob and Judith in Palm Desert on their motorhome and travel together to visit Death Valley with lots of interesting places on the way. They have camped the last 13 winters in California and really know the way around. The route back to Murray depends on the weather. I'd like to come back through Utah and Colorado but who knows at this point.  I'll try to keep the blog updated daily when there is stuff to talk about and the Verizon MiFi has a signal.  The MiFi provides broadband Internet connection for up to 5 computers. It replaces the Mobile Router we used last year.
Posted on 01/31/2010 3:46 AM by Bob Duthie
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
July 12 Day 9 Monday, Woodbury to Brainerd, MN
We stopped in Coon Rapids to do the laundry. Small town Laundromats are usually less busy and better equipped. Mavis uses 3 washers so we were done in 1.5 hours. We arrived at our friends Gary & Sue's log cabin at 3:00PM (see photo). After dinner in the cabin we went to one of their friend's homes on Gull Lake for desert. Brian is a physician from Saskatoon and after 29 years practicing in Grand Forks, North Dakota, hit upon the idea of living and working from their Minnesota home for 5 months and then living and working from their Florida home (permanent residence) for 7 months during the winter. Do you remember Florida like Tennessee has no income tax?  Debbie is a nurse and made an incredible desert. She is also the creator of a secret recipe barbeque sauce that Gary is trying to get via various illicit schemes not to mention bribery.
Posted on 01/12/2010 6:07 PM by Bob Duthie
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