Tuesday, 31 December 2013
All Is Lost - Robert Redford Movie

As we close out the year, it is time for one last post. My boating writer friend, Michael Sciulla, posted a request on the Boating Writers International LinkedIN Group a month ago for reviews by boating writers who had seen the movie, All Is Lost. Mavis and I went to the movie at Nashville's Belmont Theater very soon after I saw Michael's request.. You can see the movie trailer here.

Michael quoted me and several others in the excellent story he wrote for Soundings. If you are interested in boating I highly recommend you read Michael's story on the Soundings Trade Only Today Website. here.

My Review

This is my review.  "I saw the movie a couple of hours ago. Overall I would say it is very frustrating for experienced boaters to watch. Redford makes so many obvious mistakes it's hard to watch the movie at times. The ending is also very frustrating but I won't spoil it for those readers that haven't seen the movie. Perhaps the DVD version will have choice of endings. On the plus side the photography is amazing with the storm scenes and the crazy things Redford does. One technical point I learned is it makes little sense to wear a lifejacket in a single handed boat because if you fall overboard it's all over with or without a life jacket.You can never swim fast enough to catch up to the boat. However, he should have had a belt connected to a jack line whenever he is on deck. The plot is based on Murphy's Law; If anything can go wrong it will. One useful new thing I saw in the credits is a list of restaurants the producer likes in Baja. All in all it's worth seeing but doesn't compare to The Perfect Storm for excitement and tragedy. There are no laughs and no tears in this movie."

All the best in the new year.


Posted on 12/31/2013 2:43 PM by Bob Duthie
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