Sunday, 29 May 2005
Day 18 Sunday May 29 Stoney Lake

Stoney LakeTalk about a slow day. Today we went 23 miles in 6 hours. That's an average of less than 4 miles per hour. There were 8 locks and even though we were the only boat on the entire canal each lock took forever. The weather was just like yesterday with sun and blue sky followed by a little rain and very threatening looking sky. It clears up at night. We are at Viamede Resort at Mt Julian on Stoney Lake. The lake is well named as there are rocks sticking up everywhere. The entrance to the lake is through a channel know as Hell's Gate. Fortunately there are lots of buoys and channel markers so we haven't hit any rocks yet. The Resort is one of the few 1800's resorts left and very nice. The owner, Don, has done part of the loop and is a want-to-the-rest. We had dinner at the gourmet restaurant on the property which was very good. There was one other couple there. He is involved in Canadian hockey and is convinced that there will be no professional hockey again this year.

Posted on 05/29/2005 8:24 PM by Bob Duthie
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