Cruising - Tennessee River

The Tennessee river is one of the longest and most scenic fresh water boating adventures in North America. Some adventurers set out wanting to be surprised. This program is for those who prefer knowing what to expect on the river. See previews here.

Over 1,000 photos and maps will show what awaits you. Most photos were taken by Bob and Mavis Duthie during September and October 2006 as they cruised the river in the Katy Leigh, a 36-foot 1981 Grand Banks classic trawler.  A favorite side trip for Great Loopers, this river takes you to Chattanooga, Knoxville, and through Grand Canyon of the Tennessee. 

 A complete electronic copy of Fred Myers' Tennessee River CruiseGuide, 5th edition is included on the download.

What to expect Cruising the Tennessee River Download

What to expect Cruising the Tennessee River Download

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This download is 359 MB and consists of all the files for the MP4 Video Version   This version works on a wide range of devices including Apple and Windows computers, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and pads or any device (including Digital TVs) that will play MP4 video. The video version will play directly from your computer's hard drive or can be transferred from your computer to Android and Apple devices. A PDF copy of Fred Myers Tennessee CruiseGuide is included as well as an instruction manual and a searchable copy of the complete script.

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