Boat Cruising Stories

Cruising the Tennessee River 2006, 2012, 2013

In 2006 we cruised the Tennessee River on the Katy Leigh 650 miles from Kenlake Marina to Knoxville and back. On the return trip we attended the AGLCA Rendevous at Joe Wheeler State Park.   Click here to start at the beginning.  

In 2012 we took the Katy Leigh from Kenlake Marina to Joe Wheeler State Park and attended the AGLCA Rendevous.  It was a great opportunity to test our new radar, AIS, and chartplotters. Click here to start at the beginning.

In 2013 The Katy Leigh cruised a round trip from Kenlake Marina to Chattanooga. Click here to start at the beginning.

Cruising the Cumberland River 2007

Cordell Hull Lake about Mile 320In 2007 we cruised the Cumberland River on the Katy Leigh to the head of navigation at mile 381.0.  Highlights include Land Between the Lakes, Ft Donelson NP, Clarksville, Nashville, Old Hickory Lake, Cordell Hull Lake, Granville, Gainsboro, and Celina. We will never forget the temperatures that were above 100 degrees for 8 days in a row.   Click here to start at the beginning. 


How to Buy or Not to Buy a Cruising Boat in 1999

This is the story of buying our boat.  It took two tries to buy a suitable boat. This is something Newbies have to learn. Our first education was in Nashville and the second in Erie PA. Please go to the homepage and select Boat Cruising> Buying Boat Adventures.

Technology Stories

From time to time I like to write about new technology; some good and some bad.  Included in this category are experiences with new cameras, video surveilance, blogging while travelling, VoIP phone systems, using an iPad for presentations, and the iHome Clock Radio . Click here to see all the posts in this category. 

Waterway News Stories

This category contains stories involving the waterways close to our home marina on Kentucky Lake.  Included are boating accidents, flooding, boat shows, and the ship that knocked down a span of the Eggers Ferry Bridge. Click here to see all posts in this category.


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