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This page highlights a few of the excellent resources we have found helpful for cruising any part of the Great Loop.

General Information

Marine Medicine & Cruising HealthDr Jerry Reves, MD provides important health information for cruising boaters. Jerry is a frequent speaker at AGLCA rendezvous. He sponsors a Cruising Health Medical Survey that lists medical problems encountered by long distance cruising boaters.

America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association is an organization of people who share a sense of adventure and a curiosity about America's Great Loop and its many side trips. The association's primary purpose is to disseminate information and enhance the overall experience for those learning about, dreaming of “ as well as exploring and safely cruising -- America's Great Loop.

Bob used to write stories for Heartland Boating which appears to have been retired. . The Website at brings up the Quinby's Cruising Guide. 

Raven CoveCheck out Ron & Eva Stob's Great Loop products including the book that started AGLCA " Honey Let's Get a Boat", a map of the loop, placemaps, a logbook for loopers, and a DVD Great Loop Cruising.


 Hero's Loop: This is the funniest loop book since "Honey Let's Get a Boat". Hero is the dog that Mike and Dennise Liles took on their cruise of the Great Loop. If anything can go wrong on a cruise Mike learned all about it and survived to write his story. Amazon Kindle or paperback here.


BoatUS Towing ServiceEveryone cruising the loop has either run aground or will run aground somewhere. Our turn was on the route north from Beaufort NC. Click here to hear the story and get the details. TowBoatUS helped us on another occasion. We had to enter the dangerous Little Egg Inlet near Beach Haven NJ because Atlantic City was closed. Inlets are not charted as the shoals move about after each storm. I called TowBoatUS for instructions and the operator said it was a slow day and he would be happy to escort us through the shoals to the ICW. 'Just meet me at Buoy LE' he said. Wow! What great customer service!

Skipper Bob Guidebooks are by far the handiest to have aboard while doing the loop. The Marinas and Anchorages books are low in cost and complete. We used the Intracoastal Guides, the Erie Canal, and Chicago to Mobile. Sadly, Skipper Bob Reib passed away in December 2006. Waterway Guides is continuing these publications.

Books for Small Boats Planning the Great Loop. Search on Amazon for copies.

Dreamrider, Larry Harcum, Jet Ski: Larry came through our marina, Kenlake, in 2002 a year before Mavis and I left on our Great Loop trip. Larry did the loop on a jet ski. He pulblished his book in December 2006. There are some really interesting alternatives on the loop in this book including a bypass route around Port Huron Michigan that I had never heard of. Sure enough I zoomed in on it on Google Earth and could see the canal clearly as well as the shoals on Lake Huron that Larry had to jump over. Just 2 days after I met Larry at Kenlake he had a real shocking surprise. You will have to read the book to see what happened. Get the book from Amazon here.

On the Water by Nathaniel Stone - rowboat
River Horse - William Least Heat Moon - C-Dory
On Celtic Tides: One Man's Journey Around Ireland by Sea Kayak - Chris Duff - Chris practiced for Ireland by doing the Great Loop






Coastal Cruising Under PowerHow to choose, equip, operate, and maintain your boat is covered in this excellent book by  Gene and Katie Hamilton..  Gene and Katie have written articles and stories for the boating press for many years. John Wooldrige now managing editor for Passagemaker magazine wrote the Foreward.

What  Does it Cost to Cruise America's Great LoopThis is a frequently asked question. I use three slides in my Great Loop talks to discuss this point. You can download a PDF copy here.  Arch Fonken wrote, "I am a CPA and spent a fair amount of time gathering information and projecting costs to see if I could afford to retire and do the loop. The costs presented by the two trawlers in Bob's presentation are very close to my projections (adjusted for current fuel costs and my traveling single).

This resource is a little off the topic of America's Great Loop but a very interesting website with good information on cruising the Mediterranean around Croatia, Greece, Italy and beyond by sail and power. Click here.


Looper's Websites

A number of "loopers have created websites that tell the story of their trip. The links to a number of these are listed here:

There is an interesting Great Loop map of the trip taken by Capt John. He did the loop without entering Canada. He took the shore route around the Gulf of Mexico making 8 stops. It's a planning tool but it only works if you have an Internet connection. Click here to see this map.

If you would like to see Betty and Rusty Hughes blog on cruising Lake Superior on the Cooper click here. 

Seahorse's Great Loop Adventure  This is the first blog I have encountered where the trip starts on the Ohio River above Cincinatti. Seahorse is a 1999 Mainship trawler crewed  by Dan & Angie. Their first leg is to go even farther up the Ohio to Pittsburgh. At that point they will start the Loop.

Egret Travels America's Great Loop documents the boating adventures of John & Regina King on their 37 ft motor catamaran. :Lots of photos.

What Ever it Takes IV is Dick West's 53 ft,1967 Matthews, cruising the loop since 2011. Lots of photos.

Sunny Days: a blog by Terry & Lola Fitzpatrick currently on the loop on the East Coast. Terry says "We are having a blast on our journey--a little behind most of the loopers (we don't like the temp to dip below 60 degrees)"

Tanya's Great Loop Adventure: Leaving April, 2014, Tanya embarked singlehanding on a nine month journey, on her Ranger Tug, Annabelle.  A well written blog with lots of photos.  - Captain Jim Koningison, family and friends leave May 1, 2014 from Boston to do the loop. - Larry and Anne are currently doing the loop as of July 2013 and have an excellent blog. - Jim and Lisa Favors are looping for the second time on Kismet, a brand new Fathom trawler, starting in April 2008 on Lake Michigan. - This is about Pete and Carolyn circumnavigating the eastern third of the US and parts of Canada, aboard their 39 Nordic Tug Humbug. They leave Memorial Day 2013 from Mystic CT. - This blog archives the adventures of Glen and Jill Moore aboard a DeFever trawler named Last Dance. The photography is excellent and the page layout unique. - CBAY is a 48 ft Bayliner 3988 owned by Rusty & Jan Carlisle. They completed the loop in October 2012 - Ron, Jean and Gilligan are very active bloggers since early 2007 about Nordic Tug, Dubhe III. - Linda and Alan set out from Lynn Haven, FL in early April 2008.



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