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Follow the story of Bob & Mavis Duthie's RV adventures and learn What to Expect Touring America's Great Southwest. The story is told via a downloadable MP4 video program that covers RV trips in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  See a preview here. Get more details here or buy now here. The program does not require Internet access so you can take it with you on your  trip playing on your smartphone or tablet  as a  tour guide. In addition on this website  you can visit the original blog posts Bob wrote during their trips here along with many other trips throughout the USA and Canada..

 "This is a wonderful travel guide for anyone in an RV to explore the Great West."  John & Margaret Lester

"We have been to several of the locations covered in this series. We have traveled some of the routes they covered. However, Bob and Mavis have showed us sights, histories and flowers we missed on our travels."  Bob & Pat Koehler, Belmont, NC


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