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RVillage - a social media website  that allows members to post their location on a Google Map. It also supports groups such as the Winnebago View/Navion owners. You will have to register to use this site. 

RV Adventure Videos -   Productions & RV Adventure Videos',  John Holod, uses a different technique than Duthie Learning  to produce RV adventure information. John's beautifully photographed videos use full motion video delivered on DVDs but there is no narration of what you are seeing. Click here to see John's YouTube channel with many samples of his work.  John now travels in his Winnebago View.

RV Travel - This YouTube channel has over 300 videos about RVing.  It's a site created by the author of RVTravel.com a weekly onlline newsletter. It is not a trip planner or tour guide. Editor Chuck Woodbury travels in a View/Navion and writes about how to travel without towning a car and check tp see if you can get around inside with your slideout in.. These are both features of all View//Navions.


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