RV Touring for Newbies

Whether you’re a family with kids and pets, or empty-nester retirees, if you’re thinking about RVing, this educational video is for you!  This 76 minute program consists of 8 audio/video modules (243 MB). Plus, you’ll also get Bob’s helpful checklists. Play it on any device that supports MP4 files, such as Apple and Windows computers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets. Use iTunes to transfer files to iPhones and iPads. There is no need for Internet access to watch it – you can play it anywhere!

The idea is to have a page also be a link to an .mp4 visual/video.  The link is /files/2393/File/Lesson1_Introduction.jpg but when clicked says Page Not Found.,Try greatloopcruising.com/files/2393File/Lesson1_Introduction.mp4  this just goes to a new file not found.


Click on RV Touring for Newbies on the left to get started. When you have finished the video click on the close button on the top left side of the screen to return to the list of topics, When ready go to Lesson 2 and so on.




https://www.greatloopcruising.com/files/2393File/Lesson1_Introduction.mp4  this goes to screen error

/files/2393File/Lesson1_Introduction.mp4 this goes to screen error

/files/2393/File/Lesson1_Introduction.jpg this goes to a screen only (no video)



 This is a good page /files/2393/File/Lesson2_Choices.mp4 this page works perfectly. but Introduction mp4 does not work.. Need to make this like Lesson 1    Try  www.greatloopcruising.com  This just goes to home screen only. Change to www.’s server IP address could not be found.

Use  www.greatloopcruising.com/RV Touring/RV Touring for Newbies/files/2393/File/Lesson_2_choices.mp4















/files/2393/File/Lesson8_Planning First Trip.mp4












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